Behind the Pen and Paper

The Cosmic Abyss is a portal of thoughts, archived digitally outside the brain of human beings. Thoughts which is mostly lost in the depth of the mind’s abyss. It includes a social experiment of how Twitter can be a reality micro-blog of a person’s life and thoughts, some articles published here and there, and mostly rants.


Abby Latif is (vows-to-be) a Superstar. Only if you know how super a star could be if she does walk on this earth and not shine from above.

She is currently contributing her soul to championing the arts and also developing epic projects with Garang Pictures, WOMEN:girls and Kakiseni, not in that particular order.

Sometimes you see her telling stories at The Big Fish. On rare occasions, she stands in front of the stage with 3 other poets around the world with brilliant musicians and visual artists under the collective called #Seronok. Often then than now, she writes beautiful sappy love poems. Now she only rants on Twitter and Instagram, less on Facebook ever since her Mom got hooked on that bloody site.

In 2012, she was a Dubbing Manager. Before that, she was jobless for 2 years. Before that, she was a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Analyst for 2 years. Before that, she was a Communications & Publication Officer for a year. Before that, she was a Corporate Communications trainee. Before that, she was stupid.

Inquiring Feminist by Sufiah Yusof

Sufiah Yusof 2022 on feminism and media issues

maaf zahir batin

A Social Movement to Encourage Understanding and Forgiveness in the sacred month of Ramadhan

The Cosmic Abyss

in her abyss, love is the gravity that pulls everyone back to sanity.

A Hijabi with Style and Substance.

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