Dear 2020 Abby,

Every year you tell yourself that this will be the year you’ll make things happen – and indeed you did. You have always been the kind of person who make things happen.

But this year will be better because that’s what life is all about – that it can always be better.

This year you will be surrounded by people with more clarity to tell you things that they see, not things you want to hear. You will find more honesty and truth around you as you live it with your integrity. And be around those who value honesty and truth.

Grow and heal, every single day. And remember that people actually want to grow up and be like you some day. So live your days courageously with respect and love and most importantly – LOTS OF FUN.

And never ever ever stop giving and sending out love, no matter what. It’s your core being, it’s the essence of your soul and it’s the person that you are. Hug more people. Kiss more foreheads and cheeks. Smile and embrace love as you fire it out from your chest like the true carebear that you are, standing on clouds of rainbow candy flosses in the clear blue sky.

It’s you that I have always love, always and forever.

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