Dancing with the Arts

Yesterday I watched 2 shows – Woman on Man on Men and Impermanence. I’m trying to alternate my weekends between my creative arts excursions and being a solitary hermit.

In #WOMOM, Sue Danza’s Pendatang Pampers is a very interesting narrative on people’s reaction and response to each other and also how they interpret and comprehend it for themselves; while Ken’s Wet Room expressed personal emotions through graceful and vulnerable movements but also in characters. Not sure if my one-liner take on both is the most apt description but thing is, please see it for yourself! 2 shows today (Sunday 19th Jan) at 3:30pm and 8:30pm at The klPac! Tickets are RM 75 or RM65 on concessions – try to inquire with the choreographers or klpac.

And then I went to watch the restaging of Impermanence, one of Snei-Tiga’s mixed media multidisciplinary collaborative performance arts series. Suffice to say that I was totally mindblown! Justin Lee’s amazing euphoric projections and creative direction; I can feel every single movement that Tess Pang made and at one point when she climbed onto the rock searching, I wanted for her to see me, brilliant brilliant live music by Yoong How Thong, Kent Lee’s and Douglas Hys’s dance debut and of course amazing lighting works by Loke Soh Kim. One last show tonight at Kongsi KL, please do catch it! Tickets at RM 50 at entry.

Raise awareness of the Arts. And please spend some money for experiential artsy excursions than spending it in the malls.

Dear 2020 Abby,

Every year you tell yourself that this will be the year you’ll make things happen – and indeed you did. You have always been the kind of person who make things happen.

But this year will be better because that’s what life is all about – that it can always be better.

This year you will be surrounded by people with more clarity to tell you things that they see, not things you want to hear. You will find more honesty and truth around you as you live it with your integrity. And be around those who value honesty and truth.

Grow and heal, every single day. And remember that people actually want to grow up and be like you some day. So live your days courageously with respect and love and most importantly – LOTS OF FUN.

And never ever ever stop giving and sending out love, no matter what. It’s your core being, it’s the essence of your soul and it’s the person that you are. Hug more people. Kiss more foreheads and cheeks. Smile and embrace love as you fire it out from your chest like the true carebear that you are, standing on clouds of rainbow candy flosses in the clear blue sky.

It’s you that I have always love, always and forever.