T-2 to 2020

In this past decade, I got my name engraved on the floor of Publika alongside one of my best lines from my favourite poem. I owe it to Ong Jolene and Nani Kahar for making it happen.

Sometimes when I feel down and alone, I come by to this spot and just stare at words and name. “Aku Jantung, Kau Udara, Mari Kita Bernafas Bersama-sama.” – Abby Latif

I am probably the most insecure person I know, and it takes a lot of growing up to get to where I am right now, being able to feel proud of myself. There are times and circumstances when I still think I have not done enough. But this year, the biggest lesson I learned is to finally accept everything – EVERY SINGLE THING – that has happened, and everything that I am.

Thank you, for all your love that you have shared. Attention is the most priceless thing and ironically, everyone paid the price. I am a walking definition of an oxymoron. Here I am, humbly bragging about my milestones.

Come here when you can. Tell me how seeing my name here makes you smile. And if you can, feel the love that I have when I first wrote these words. Because love makes me smile.

And fuck you if you say Paru-paru makes you bernafas. Suka hati aku lah. You write your own paru-paru dan oksigen poem!

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