T-3 to 2020: Things I learned in 2019

Strength is built by facing your fears, pain, demons and dealing with situations.

Moving forward by numbing your pain and ignoring your problems is just cowardice ego.

Nothing is ever a good excuse to be cruel to the heart that loves.

My emotional front is always perceived as a crazy reaction. “She crazy” “Lembiknya, sikit-sikit emo” “She’s driving me crazy with her emotional outburst”.

I rather be crazy than numb because only when you’re so deeply connected to your soul and your emotions, you will know how deep you can actually love. Plus, only the geniuses loves like crazy. If you don’t love crazily, then… you no genius. Haha.

People who are brave confronts their emotions. They feel and question it, constantly. Because emotions are fucking scary and painful but it’s the only way to build your inner strength. If you constantly run away from it, you will never know how to deal with it and that’s just building more and more into your fear.

Never let your ego make you a coward. Do not take pride in running away from dealing with your problems and your emotions. And do not glorify those who does – you should instead be worried for they will falter and break when you least expect it.

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