Slide in my life, not DMs

This weekend I had so many great conversations with different people – friends, acquaintances and strangers. It’s amazing to have conversations outside of the virtual realm.

That’s the thing about today’s world. Your entire life is just social media and you will find having real and deep conversations in real life as either redundant, petty or even tiring. People claim to have social anxiety in person but when it comes to social media – everyone reveals themselves for selfies and OOTDs and brave enough to talk about the darkest things in their minds – because they can always claim it’s only an online persona.

If social media is the only social life this world have – then how would you present yourselves? Would the presence of charisma become redundant because any filter can make you look good and majestic validated by 200 likes?

For me – I am this person, online AND offline. My tone, my persona, my energy and my aloofness. I will engage and have discussions, conversations and banters with you online AND offline. That’s the real deal – Me. So you just slide in my life, not DMs.