Pieces 2

Managed to catch In Pieces 2 by Sutra Foundation and Masakini Theatre Company curated by Wei Jun.

What beautiful choreography, I was almost in tears with some of the pieces as I was enthralled when dancers uses their bodies as vessel of storytelling. I finally get to watch Sabera Shaik, Rathimalar Govindarajoo and Suhaili Micheline perform. How amazing they are in their most natural form of art.

Please find time to watch this show, happening until 3rd November 8:30pm in Studio Ramli Hassan. Minimum donation is RM 50.

Halloween 2010

However you want to live your life – fun, reckless, wild, adventure, crazy, experimental, grunge, deep, promiscuous, mysterious – the golden rule is to be kind and never hurt others.

Have fun playing with your demons and satans. I have played with mine. Now even my demons have mellowed down next to me sipping honey lemon tea reminiscing good ‘ol times when tequila shots and poop always end up at the back of the car.

Happy Halloween, Pumpkins.