Paying an homage to Halloween

When I was a teenager, one of my favourite movies was James and the Giant Peach. It made me feel like a little kid stuck in Tim Burton’s mystical surrealism and somehow have carved my alter ego’s realm – one that my subconscious lives till today. It allows me to never let myself be vanilla.

For me, mystical surrealism is an escape from reality – an avenue where everything and anything is possible – with so much taste and never any limit to what one can stretch and do.

I am a non-conformist. In reality, I respect ways and structures; but in my heart, I understood being out of ordinary. There’s always a place for both to exist, maybe not at the same time, but never to be disregarded by any means.

Quantum physics. Metaphysics. Consciousness. Light realms. All these dimensions exist intertwined within our realities and understanding. And the hollow void in between of it is filled with nothingness. And in the depth of this nothingness, magic happens. As surreal as it sounds, you need faith to be able to experience it in its entirety.

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