Live your life as if you’re immortal. And then die.

Almost a decade ago, a random invitation by Shafina to watch a French movie at the GSC International French Film Festival allowed me the opportunity to watch Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 ‘À bout de shouffle’. At that time I was very much into foreign and old films – Fellini, Almodóvar, Tornatore.

There’s a scene where they were interviewing a guy and he was asked how he wanted to live, and he replied, “To be immortal, then die.”

I have used that line as a reminder to myself every since – to be fearless and carefree in taking chances and opportunities so it could carve the journey of my life the best and the most that I can allow it to.

I see all around younger people talking about death, complaining about life – all from their comfort zone. I don’t blame them.

The world has turned into such – you experience life from a screen, not sweat. You experience emotions from a song, not heartbreaks. You experience pain from loneliness, not bruises.

Put down your phone. Hold someone’s hand. Take out your earphones, listen to someone’s story while looking into their eyes.

Don’t feel defeated and validate each other’s death wish.

Live your life as if you’re immortal.

And then, die.

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