Rest your heart for more love to give okay? I wish for you abundance.

This morning I woke up and I have Prefab Sprout’s All The World Loves Lovers playing in my head.

It’s been quite a few months journey since I lost the love of my life – not that she has passed away but she has completely ghosted me and vanished from my reality.

As I look back to my first ever solid experience of a romantic love relationship – I am very glad I did it all the way, all to my truest self, the best that I can. I have loved truthfully, wholeheartedly, not a single cheat day that I loved any less than I am capable of. I committed myself through every hardship and joyful moments within the relationship. I realised every ideals – the fights, the conversations, the growth of dreams and potential.

I have created this prototype as a lover and for love – a standard I set never below myself. And today I woke up with a smile.

All the world loves lovers.

And may we never love any less than what we always wish we truly receive.

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