Monopoly City Street Online

I came across this reminder a few days ago about 10 years ago when I was obsessed with Monopoly City Street Online. It was just released for 3 months in 2009 using real life players and Google Maps and allowed players to buy and bid for streets around the world.

Every morning when you log in, you will receive an initial cash of the day, sort of going through GO. And having lived in 9 states in Malaysia and in Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff, Aus – I get to revisit all the streets I lived in and buy them. And if you own surrounding streets, you get to build parks, schools, factories, towers, etc. The server often crash due to overwhelming demand and people being online – and we’re talking about 2009 technology, not today’s gaming technology. Me and my workbuddy Serena would log in every morning and start buying streets before we commence our daily tasks as socially responsible investement analysts (hahaha very responsible but clients in France so we still have lead time!)

Reaching out to people who have ever played this online back in 2009! Damn I miss this game!

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