Financial Sustainability

There’s this ranting (branch) that was actually a dead deco on a bouquet I received two months from Davina Goh. A month ago when I got my aquarium, I put it in as a deco. But Behold the magic of love and life, leaves started sprouting on this dead branch and from the brown colour, it slowly grows into a healthy green. And now the other ranting is following suit. A complete rebirth.

And since recycling now is a feat and there’s so many plastics stil given to us in our daily lives – I am trying a new practice. Growing money plants as a second use to all the plastic bottles I’ve acquired, even the bloody tealive cup that I bought for the first time in 5 years. Now my room is full of money plants! Talk about financial sustainability huh.

While we watch all these videos on green environment and preach it on our social media – what are we actually doing and contributing to promoting more oxygen and greenery in our environment? Or are we just loud about it from the comfort of our airconditioned wifi-enabled plantless concrete rooms?

Cultivate a jungle of plants and try to compensate your own carbon footprint. That’s the least you could do. If you’re not, then stop talking about climate change.

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