“And anxiety should be a side effect that you should never fear before the pursuit. And if you do, you have successfully chosen anxiety over experience.

Because I meet too many young people in their 20s fearing burnt outs and anxieties. And as someone ending her 30s, those are the things I experience after taking a leap of faith in doing everything that I wanted to do and I regret nothing of it.

But the young ones end up not doing anything due to fear…”

I had a lot of chats with people in their 20s recently and I found out most of them fear failure and anxiety until they refuse to take chances and would play it safe or only be in an environment that validates their choices.

I am 37. I have failed. I went through panic attacks and anxiety attacks. I have experienced PTSD, post surgery depresseion and multiple level of depressions. I have had several burnt outs. But I choose healing. I acknowledge it and I want to get out of it in order to get better. If I was afraid or place these fear whenever I want to do and achieve, I would not be where I am today or the person that I am right now. Don’t abuse the term ‘depression’ just because. It’s a very dark place when you’re in it. Don’t give anxiety a chance. And never choose to numb your pain and emotions. You might think that’s your personal way of handling things but you will not grow properly.

Be fearless. Be courageous. Live your life and always be ambitious. And remember, whatever that comes out of it – choose healing, over and over again.

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