At the beginning of my healing journey in July, I reconnected with a friend whom I rarely had the opportunity to have deep conversations with even after almost a decade of knowing each other.

In her house and with another friend present, we opened up about our journey, our pain, our ups and downs, how it affected our relationship with everyone around us and most importantly ourselves. At the end of the evening, we all agreed that it’s time to get better, not just for ourselves but to be an example to those who are experiencing similar situations – that there’s always a greater purpose when we get to help other people to be better as well.

This year has been tough for a lot of us. But this friend showed me such tenacity within the joy of creation. Whenever I get to see her works of art, I’m reminded of the courage I too have inside me, the courage we all needed to fight for ourselves.

And with that I share with you her latest work, a Merdeka installation to be celebrated with her limited edition design collaboration with IQOS at their publika outlet. May we all be inspired by the passion and courage of the amazing people around us.

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