Muzium Negara Malaysia

Today after a morning errand, we dropped by Muzium Negara Malaysia to visit the Muzium Seni Kraf Orang Asli and Muzium Etnologi Dunia Melayu (Ticket is RM 2 per adult).

Sometimes I wonder how proud the Jabatan Muzium Malaysia is of our museums because it is not glorified as how it should be. While we have such wealth in our history and culture, we never fully utilise space to engage with the community.

I imagine a small hut where there’s an Orang Asli cafe nearby the Muzium Seni Kraf Orang Asli. It would be awesome to have some rice with ikan masak dalam buluh like the Temuan style I have tasted before. And what if Restoran Rebung has its own main restaurant by the Muzium where then we can have a taste of masakan Melayu after visiting the Muzium Etnologi Dunia Melayu. Maybe discounts given for either food or museum tickets. F&B is such a good crowd driver and Muzium Negara needs crowd.

And Muzium Negara also have such nice rooftop space that could be used as a Bazaar for Kraftangan, local delicacies etc. The open rooftop can fit a pasar tani! I know so because I once recce-ed it for an event. They also have a cool auditorium – a lot of talks can be done there. Now with the MRT stop there, it is so accessible.

I wonder with Think City’s office overlooking the Muzium Negara from the UEM Sunrise building, maybe so many things they can push for the revival of Muzium Negara.

I wonder what are the challenges to make all these things happen, or maybe they have tried but it’s a no go. Well, I’m seriously unemployed if they need my services at any point.

Because enough with the malls and shoppings. Let’s create a nation that is proud of its heritage, history and identity.

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