Selamat Hari Vesak

Today is Vesak Day, the celebration of birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha.

While I was born and raised with the Islamic monotheism and believe in the One God, Allah, as the Creator of All Things, I also believe in taking the good practices within other religions because institutional religions are man-made and it can be limited to a man’s interpretation and if God creates all of mankind, I need to be open enough to understand a lot of different perspective.

Yesterday during our retreat, I cam to read a book about Zen and the search of the true self. In Islam, I read a lot of sufi stories that relates to the realisation and true love for the divinity through enlightenment of one’s self and the experiential journey of learning from the human psyche. And that has a lot of relations to Buddhism, Zen and so forth.

While Malaysian Muslim tries their best to eliminate any relation to the Hindu and Buddhism civilisation that we were once a part of due to respecting the Islamic foundations, I also believe that we need to always take the good practices and good explanations of the world if we want to grow to be a better person.

Again, there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground. I’m most grateful to the Most Gracious Creator for allowing us to live within such diversity in order to truly learn about our own self.

Happy Vesak Day. May you find enlightenment in your love and engagements with others.

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