What changes in the world would you fight for?

Can we have more men telling other men or making sure that other men don’t harm the women and girls out there instead of being defensive on issues of safety for women by saying ‘not all men are like that’. We don’t want to generalise you, we want you to speak up and help us change the world.

I’m okay to be told that I am wrong. So go ahead, I’m open to differing opinions.

I’m trying to make sure – if I want to see a better world for my loved ones, I need to be able to voice out what I think should be improved AND find ways of improving it.

The world that we live in is catered to a patriarchal system that upholds men as the highest ranking or is superior than other beings – human male on top of other living beings in this galaxy. So the world creates a system that favours, accommodates and makes sure that everything is easier for human male to succeed and lead.

But if that’s the case, then what changes in the world would the human male fight for?

For example, in issues like child marriage, among 10 people voicing out against this, maybe only 2 of them are men, which makes it so hard to be criminalised since men are the main shariah lawmakers as well. Where are all the father voices?

It seems that mostly women and children are fighting for change because (some) men doesn’t need this patriarchal world to change.

I want a world where no matter what or how the situation is, human male (or female) no matter how aroused they are, should never think of raping anyone at all, full stop. I want a world where as a woman, I don’t have to fear every single man thinking they would look at me and want to rape me. I want a world where my male brothers and friends talk about issues of safety for their loved ones openly and loudly.

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