Our entire life is driven by fear, we live fearing something every second of our lives.

And in fear, we can’t even enjoy the process.

We fear God so much that we are not able to enjoy the way of life that God has provided for us.

We fear bosses and clients so much we are not able to understand the importance and beauty of our work contributions.

We fear people’s judgment on us so much that we couldn’t even appreciate our beauty and strength.

We fear. We fear. We fear.

We can’t even love because we fear too much.

I guess fear is okay but our lives should not be guided by it.

I know I bullshit a lot and one of my biggest fear is people hating me and find me a burden to be around with. It’s hard to own my strength because I had to live up to people’s expectations and demands. There are times, I beat myself so bad that I wish I would die so everyone would be so much happier without my existence.

Sometimes it is so hard for me to seek help because I am afraid to burden people because their time is so exclusive and precious and I should not disturb that.

I am learning to not fear. Teach me a way to accept myself and be more brave.