Eudaimonia by Nawwar Shukriah Ali a.k.a Bono Stellar

About dreams by Bono

my house

there’s always room for you

will you come with me?

no, she said
I belong in your world no longer.

i awaken from my dream

she’s gone.

I only see her in my dreams
there is a lingering emptiness in my voice

but i always have her in my everyday.

Congratulations to Nawwar Shukriah Ali for your first solo exhibition ‘Eudaimonia’ at Zhan Art MY! You really are a colourful rockstar who is true to her soul at her core.

Nice to see familiar faces and catching up with them, also didn’t know that my brother, Muid Latif was officiating and introducing Bono.

Please go to Zhan Art MY at The School (Level G) in Jaya One because the exhibition opens on 6th April until 20th April 2019.

I don’t want to talk about her works because you need to go these and see it for yourself!

And sorry couldn’t stay long because was really worn out from starting the day at 7:00am but definitely will dropby to enjoy it more!

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