Happy Belated Birthday Again, Jayna!

Back in 2008 when camera photography was a thing and Flickr was THE platform for photographers to meet, I joined the KL Flickr group or famously known as KLickr where every other weekend, we’d gather together for photowalks and photography journeys together. There I learn a lot about cameras and photography but most importantly, I made a lot of friends. My very first photowalk was the Kampung Abdullah Hukum photowalk if I am not mistaken in early 2008 just shy a month before they scrap the entire kampung to make way for the SP Setia development in front of Midvalley. I remember we had photography talks with renowned photo journalists and these bunch of photographers always make sure that knowledge and experiences are meant to be shared or achieved collectively.

After the rise of phone photography where everyone can be a photographer, the KLickr remains as a platform for this group of friends who are photography enthusiasts share their latest growth or challenges. And when someone is in town, the anchors like Shafina Sheridan, Adi Arfan and Han Ghazi will always make sure they gather everyone together to celebrate. Today was to celebrate Jayna’s birthday as well as the annual gathering whenever Jayna is back in town because she’s based in the UK.

Happy to still be around these people. It’s been more than a decade and I truly enjoy seeing everyone grow but at the same time reminds us of when we used to walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur documenting life in visuals that is photography.

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