Empowering ASEAN Youths with Kakiseni

I was given the opportunity under Kakiseni to participate in mentoring 9 youths from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam under the #eMpoweringyouths ASEAN Foundation programme with Maybank Foundation.

Under the Arts & Culture pillar, Rotha, Kenneth, Citta, Naq, Samphors, Jolly (Huyen), Nana (Alysa), Ty and Loc spent time with me to create an arts awareness and appreciation programme for children from Generation Z called #senikidZ for 2 days during the regional training from 24th to 25th Jan and today, 26th Jan, they presented the programme to Maybank Foundation and ASEAN Foundation.

As I left my permanent post as the Executive Director of WOMEN:girls in December last year, I realised I wanted to grow as a mentor and facilitator to share and empower more people while I develop more skillset in community empowerment.

January have been an emotional challenge for me, not having a salaried job and trying to make it as a freelance facilitator. I have so much faith in myself now but I am struggling to get acknowledgement from the industry that I am an asset to be shared, not to be owned. And slowly, I redefine titles and purpose for myself and my existence.

Thank you for this opportunity – to be a better human being by being able to share every bit of my heart and knowledge with all of you.

Onwards and forwards – the world have hope for us to be better people!

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