A Year Of Reading Aloud

I know I don’t say this much outside or to you, but you’re one of the most important mentors in my life. I really think probably the person that I am right now is 20% nurtured by your influence, consciousness and love that I really look up to.

Whatever decisions that I make in my career and however I treat my fellow colleagues and teammates – is mostly a reflection of how you have trained me.

And thank you so much for the book and card.

A random gift is a great gesture.

Yesterday, one of my most important mentors gave me a gift which serendipitiously coincide with a new year resolution that I did not announce – reading (out loud)

I have always been so hard on myself. My humility has unfortunately boost my insecurity that instead of making sure that I don’t get too overwhelmed with my achievements, I end up thinking I am not good enough to be appreciated or not deserving of credits that I’m due for.

Reading this year shall be a good distraction for me. Instead of using my free time depressingly mopping about myself, I shall acquire knowledge and practice my diction.

May you reconnect with those who have inspired you and stay out of negative toxic on social media.

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