Hello 2019

2019 started with me redefining how I contribute to the world. I want to redefine how I work, how I function, how I see things in different perspectives.

Started the day making breakfast for me and my partner and reading her to second chapter of Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World. That particular chapter introduced Sophie to philosophy. We are either a child or a philosopher because “…the only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder.” I wanted to grow and see life differently. I want to be excited about life, I cannot be a whining adult who takes the world forgranted. And I also don’t want to be alive for another person, I want to be alive because life and world holds the best of wonders for me.

I exist in 2019 and I want to be more, not wanting for another person or institution to validate me for that ‘more’ that I needed. I will redefine things for myself. I have the answers to all the questions that I am asking, but I want to hear other people’s answers as well.

Oh, and I want to be a Social Media Influencer, not for the fame, but to use this social media tool to have my voice heard so change can happen, either for me or for another person – alongside the work and contributions that I make in the real world, those who puts up a different persona online, admit and own it, don’t deny it).

Good luck, Abby. You’re 37 this year and it’s never too late to either be a child or a philosopher. 🙂