Lumpur KL

Today we got to watch the second staging of MUDKL and the difference this time is that it’s acted by children from Enfiniti Academy and directed by Joanna Bessey.

It’s nice to see that the children are exposed to such professionalism on stage, making it an interactive show, engaging with the audience and their stage skills are amazing. A colleague was saying how she gives them credit cos they’re children but I have to say, some of them are way better than adult performers and I can actually give professional critic and review than just “but they’re children so it’s okay” kind of comment.

I believe that these kind of shows can be developed into a signature brand the likes of Lion King, Les Miserables and The Book of Mormon – although of course professional people from the industry wouldn’t take my word for it because I am not an industry practitioner. But I believe in potential and it has a great branding potential. Maybe JKKN should relook at reviving Panggung Bandaraya and awarding shows with great branding potential a full year run there like how MUDKL have proven themselves to be.

Whatever it is, please catch the show happening at Ken TTDI, bring your children, expose them to shows and culture AND PLEASE, BE A GOOD SPORT. I saw parents refusing to participate to stand up and dance so their children all sit when everyone else stood up to dance.

Hopefully next year I have more time in my hand to watch shows as a professional audience. Yes, I just gave it a professional standard, being an audience.

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