Last year, Edea brought and taught us a new tradition of Thanksgiving or more commonly known as Friendsgiving. She bought the turkey and six of us shared our gratitude for the year, opening up to our challenges that we get to overcome or made peace with. It was a lovely intimate dinner and we fell in love with the tradition and decided to make it ours too.

This year we’re joined by more loved ones, sat down on the floor all Melayu style and shared our thanks and gratitude for the year.

Mine was short. I am grateful for the ability to be aware of all my mistakes and the motivation to be better and the openness to accept myself with these flaws. Of course I choked so it wasn’t properly constructed in verbal sentences.

A few days ago, Lyla mentioned how no matter how hard our lives are, we always manage to pull through – with roof on our head, food on our table and love and support from our environment. I told her, maybe because we have always opened our doors to our friends, we shared our food even though just maggi mee and provided mattresses and blankets to those who needed a place to crash. Maybe it’s that. We’re not the most perfect or the richest of all, but our doors have always been opened to those who knocked on it.

We define our tradition and I am glad we made this ours. Pray we have enough food to share next year but for now, thank you so much to those who joined this year. May we always be thankful and grateful, of each other.


Last Sunday, we get to witness one of the best celebrations of love I have ever been part of – of #IdaXImran

The lovely speeches, the loving people, the wit and humour and above everything else, the care of a hostess – all of that defines the person that Ida Ghazali is and now enjoyed together by the man of her jodoh, Imran Ahmad.

It’s almost like a full circle. I have known Imran by his book and reputation and once got to chat with him about work and funnily, dating. This was before he even went out with Ida whom I have known over the years and have been the main caretaker of our little group of friends. We get to witness the surprise proposal, and now this! What a full circle indeed.

May both of you live a life full of laughter and love. And thank you for the one and only Ida Ghazali event that I don’t have to bring the ice. 😂