Happy 36th Birthday

Today I woke up to nice gestures from personal friends.

Then I saw social media friends prompted by notifications for them to wish me, which made me realise how people depend on these reminders to know a person, me included. I told my partner that I am flattered but people shouldn’t waste their time and resources if it’s not because they actually wanted to but reminded by networking sites to do.

Thing is, Life have been so fast for me until I think I am drained out of positivity and optimism. To me, social media is just a daily log. My real relationships are from hugs and conversations. But my partner reminded me to be grateful for the few who cared.

And I forgot that I owe this life to this little person who have set the tone that I would carry my entire life. To be a joy to everyone around her.

I owe it to you, little one. Happy Birthday and Thank you so much for making me the person that I am today, (supposedly) full of love and always (if not at this moment) ambitiously curious to contribute to the world.