Serendipitously Random

This would be as random as it gets.

But yesterday, the girlfriend came back from a heart-breaking trip to Jakarta where Paramore cancelled their concert and concert-goers were only informed after three hours of lining up to redeem the ticket, about 5 hours before the concert supposedly scheduled to start (Their front woman, Yelyah Williams had throat infection). And it was more heart-breaking for her because she missed a family trip to Taipei because Paramore is like her most favourite band. As we concluded that the organisers suck for informing concert-goers so late, we also believed that Paramore could’ve announced and apologised in person to the hundreds lining up for three hours in the sun without food. Anyways…

Yeah, so she came back to Malaysia broken-hearted. And she wanted to do things. And these were the two spontaneous things we did:

1. We were looking for things to do and trampoline came to mind. Girlfriend used to train with the national gymnastics team until she was 9 years old. So it was nice to see her enjoying her element, trying what she can still do and as for me, I can only Kris Kros it (while having my kepala lutut sakit the day after).

2. We wanted to go back to the lovable dingy karaoke parlour called ‘Geytherin’ in Wisma Cosway but it’s closed on Sundays. So we went driving around for the next dingy open karaoke pubs that we can find online but they were all closed. You know if you’re passing by Jalan Sultan Ismail and at the left sight right before Quill City Mall, it would be packed with people at the pavement karaoke by the roadside. So there we were, by Jalan Sultan Ismail, underneath crazy disco lights, next to Kopi Radix and Shisha smokes, singing our lungs out to RM 2.50 a song.

Thank you Shufitri, Nora, Sarah for joining us, and Lyla, I hope it was a good end to a tragic trip. Now enjoy our bad singing (although abang DJ kata we can masuk AF – (as fuck??))

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