4th GES 2013 – Day 1

When Don Tapscott (Wikinomics) profiled the audience at #GES2013 , he never asked if anyone is from the NGOs. How sad. We are a demographic.

Did I not get the memo that I’ll get free lunch here? Sigh. All I want to do now is charge all my gadgets. Except iPad. Forgot bring adapter

Girl in front of me reading her conference schedule out loud making me confused whether I need to respond to her or not.

Two quotes from Melody Hossaini – “Women are leading in business.” “Future of business is social enterprise.” Gonna bombard you with Qs!

Thanks @Melody_Hossaini for your answer. Make sure you come to our You Go Girl! session tomorrow! #GES2013 (most on track/point answer)

OMG, I want to puke everytime this person speaks. Selalu off track.

I wonder if there’s anyone from Youth Ministry sitting in the audience for the Youth section: Are We There Yet? in #GES2013

…Apa la mamat ni melalut??!! Ya rabbi. Your answers tak akan pernah menjawab mana-mana questions.

I find that stationing at one table charging your gadgets could also act like a pitstop to know people who stops by. #GES2013 #win

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