I don’t understand what ‘paradox’ means. It doesn’t make sense. *kaching!*

I am not smart and most of the times, I don’t sound smart at all. I bet many times my boss wonder why she hires me.

So when I achieve success and become important one day, I will write a book entitled “100 ways to not sound smart and still make sense.”

Ungkit Kes Bangkai

I wasn’t as offended when the boys in my school called me “muka buruk macam pantat babi” as I was when @LoveShak called me “bangkai”.

For me, the language you use in addressing people shows the person you are.

I was raised to the fact that even using “aku kau” at home is rude. We say “kamu” and address ourselves with our names.

Kicau Fiksi

A lot of people knew her. Some knew of her. Most of them don’t even know what she was famous for. Maybe just on Twitter. Maybe not.

Some who have met her, acted as if they have known her inside out. Maybe it’s that comfort she brought to them, maybe not.

She opens up to people even to strangers. It has made a lot of people felt at ease to be opening up to her. Sometimes, maybe not.

But no one really knew what she does. She looks like she is doing a lot, but what does she do? Maybe she has tweeted it. Maybe not.

What? She is a poet? How can that be? She looks too normal to be a word artist. She’s not bourgeois enough. Not elite enough. Maybe. Not.

This morning when she was found gone, no one knew where to find her. Because she had always been too available to them. Now, not anymore.