A 2-minute Read

Date with Serena Chong tonight. I don’t really get to say this often. 😀

#2minsolo Suaka – I think post Panggung Muzik, Fikri Fadzil have found his niche, real live soundtracking. It works to his favour.

#2minsolo Can You Hear Me – It makes you curious on what’s going on in Ngai Yuen’s head but Carmen Soo performed it brilliantly.

#2minsolo A 2-min Introduction to Vasthu Sastra by Mr. Selva – An interesting piece. Mr. Selva looks very biblical, not so fengshui-ish.

#2minsolo High Speed Car Chase – Good thing I didn’t doze off. It’s 2 minutes of relaxation of breathing thru our fast pace life. 🙂

#2minsolo Lights, camera…..! – Such a moving piece! Thank you Aunty Fati … This is the first piece I watched and I can still feel it.

#2minsolo Slimy Seaweed – I’m a bit lost except that I do understand the road is very congested in front of IJN. Grief relives moments.

#2minsolo Tumpah! – Zahim attempts a very improv interactive performance in his piece. It’s almost what we would do at his kitchen anyway.

#2minsolo Tercicir – Thank you for introducing Anne James to me thru this piece. I really wanted to hug her after but I couldn’t. One day…

#2minsolo Toilet – A very heartfelt piece directed by David Wong. Cities are built by perseverance, dedication and the need to survive.

#2minsolo I Fly To Thee – is a submission of his prayers. Good luck, Vernon. Blessed be.

#2minsolo Cengkih – I wished the performer acts like a storyteller and looks at the audience when she was reminiscing memories of grandma.

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