Good Night, three decades of life.

On the 10,958th day of my life, someone asked me, “Are you a Gen X or a Gen Y?”

I quickly replied, “I’m actually in between Gen X and Gen Y but I consider myself a Gen X, only because my younger siblings are Gen Ys and because of my 11 years age gap with my younger sister, I got the chance of raising her.”

Today I start a new journey after having completed 30 years of living. For me, birthdays are milestones. That time of the year where you reflect on what you have done and how much have you achieved in life.

Thirty years of living, in today’s context is almost a lot. That includes 8 leap years, thousands of mistakes, tens of thousands of experimentation and probably hundreds of vices.

Some people like to call themselves, an old soul. Of course, I like to do that as well. Only because I don’t know what the mainstream music is playing as I get fixated to my iTunes or just MixFM, LiteFM and Klasik Nasional. Trust me, I probably only know 3 songs from Bruno Mars and I don’t even remember their titles. And no, I still don’t know what One Direction is. Are they a band? Are they like Backstreet Boys? Do they even know Backstreet Boys? Are they even legal? Have they hit puberty? See how aunty I am.

Today I went to Monash University for a screening. Not only how the kids dressed to school surprises me, but also how they react to issues, where they would prefer to contest than understanding concepts that they are not familiar with. When I was growing up, because no one explain why things are the way it is, I tried hard to learn how to understand the context of things myself. Weirdly this is not just from today’s trip. Apparently having seen all universities we were invited to screen in and having younger siblings who are still in college, this is my generic take on Gen Y. I guess they just come from a different era. In which I need to understand more of.

Three decades. The first two decades in my life, I spent a lot as a nomad, having to move houses every three years. The last decade was spent working. Initially, I only give myself four decades to live. I know, it’s God’s decision but let’s just be realistic. With this ‘realistic’ plan, I get to appreciate the power of ambition. I get to tell myself, I must do a lot of things because I can never tell when I’m going to die.

I still have ten years to tell people that I am worthy of their respect.

I still have ten years to create magic.

I still have ten years to create lifetime of memories for people to wish their prayers on me.

For tonight, this is a homage to that three decades I’ve lived through. Trust me, I have nothing but gratification for everyone who have hugged me, told me that they love(d) me, who took me into their lives, who I have fallen for and although rejected me along the way (AHAHAHAHAHA) – still managed to be that positive factor for me to be a better person, who have given me opportunities and faith is the person that I am, and always always always my wonderful great parents who loves me, ever so kindly and be that pillar of strength I can always cling on to in times I have nothing else to live for.

Three decades will not have been easy without God. Trust me, those nights spent crying on the praying mat have been the best nights in my life.

Thank you, for these three decades. I regret nothing.

2 thoughts on “Good Night, three decades of life.”

  1. Well, that’s the way life should be lived. Happy 30. Here’s to many more years filled with fulfilment! 🙂

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