In The Midst of Busyness

I am not a person who plan things. Weirdly, an anal as I am, I am not.

I like things to be organic. I like that in the weirdest moments on my desk, I get to write the most beautiful stuff (which is why I have always hated when someone discusses the ‘meaning’ behind a poem).

To me, everything is timely and happens for a reason.

Next week, will be one of the toughest weeks in my life. And toughness shall escalate gracefully from then on. But life should always escalate, no matter what.

I realised, no matter how good we are with someone, we don’t necessarily work brilliantly with them. Work chemistry is something very crucial. I am one who absorbs someone’s energy. I am an extrovert. It’s almost vampire-ish, y’know. Like I suck blood to continue living. Some people gives me nervous energy, some people doesn’t know that they themselves exude nervous energy out. I can’t blame them. These are self-made extroverts, not natural extroverts. That’s my psycho analysis bullshit for tonight.

Good night.

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