In The Midst of Busyness

I am not a person who plan things. Weirdly, an anal as I am, I am not.

I like things to be organic. I like that in the weirdest moments on my desk, I get to write the most beautiful stuff (which is why I have always hated when someone discusses the ‘meaning’ behind a poem).

To me, everything is timely and happens for a reason.

Next week, will be one of the toughest weeks in my life. And toughness shall escalate gracefully from then on. But life should always escalate, no matter what.

I realised, no matter how good we are with someone, we don’t necessarily work brilliantly with them. Work chemistry is something very crucial. I am one who absorbs someone’s energy. I am an extrovert. It’s almost vampire-ish, y’know. Like I suck blood to continue living. Some people gives me nervous energy, some people doesn’t know that they themselves exude nervous energy out. I can’t blame them. These are self-made extroverts, not natural extroverts. That’s my psycho analysis bullshit for tonight.

Good night.

Kunci Kira-Kira

People who does budgeting should be paid a lot. No wonder accountants get paid a lot. Hours looking at invoices, excel sheets and numbers.

But people who does budgeting and have to present it and also follow up on it should be paid more than the accountants. Crazy!

Having said that – work begins. Budget presentation meeting at 9am in Cyberjaya. That means leaving Selayang at 7am.