Hahahaha. Just saw I got bashed for calling myself a poet because I write a few verses during sleepless nights. That’s just funny…

I guess I shouldn’t be calling myself a storyteller as well. I okay je.

Susahlah bila aku nak perform kat Ubud Writers Fest bulan depan nanti, aku bukan poet atau storyteller. How now brown cow?

Sedih gak ah. Aku tak salah kan dia. Dia lagi terror. Ada 7k pengikut. Mesti orang dengar cakap dia.

Alamak, insomnia. Saya kena tulis puisi ke sekarang?


10 years ago I wrote a short story abt a woman and her child, living in a wooden house overlooking the sea. It was about unconditional love.

It’s nice to be surrounded by real creative talents who does aspire to be the change. I’m blessed that way.

Resources is limited and expensive when it comes to the arts. That’s why the elitist think they own the artistic license to everything.

But I guess what we need to change is the mentality. Everything is possible. Don’t say we’re fucked before we even take off our pants.

And yes, I do take the “just because you write some verses during sleepless night doesn’t make you a poet” comment personal.

Because I never attack anyone on their personal attributes. We discuss and argue about issues.

That’s it. And that’s the point.


I don’t think I was ever ‘forced to sing the national anthem in cinemas.’ It’s all in your mind. If you let it dijajah, it will be dijajah.

You have a choice, sit and let the song get played and look at people who stood up and sang with the anthem. No one will apprehend you.

I was in the cinema the other night for a 11.40pm show. There were less than 10 people in the hall. We all stood up to sing the anthem.

Maybe it’s just lil ol me who rindu berdiri tegak nyanyi lagu Negaraku. Maybe it’s my obsessed to wanting a sense of patriotism.

When the blue blood champions the struggle of the under-privileged from the comfort of good food and warm shelters.