We are so comfortable with help and subsidies that we really think we deserve it.

So what else are you contributing to this country aside from complaints that make you deserving of everything you can get?

You even refused to stand up in the cinema hall for the country’s anthem and you think you deserve every penny of help you should get? I don’t know, regardless the propaganda/agenda, I grew up with a sentimental attachment to the national anthem. I respect it much.

Trust me I am not in favour of a lot of the policies but I refuse to waste time complaining about things I don’t even bother to help change.

I was a complainer. Then I applied for PTD so I can change the system. I didn’t get in. Now I work for NGOs to lobby change.

People should just do and stop complaining. It’s getting irritating to know that they are complaining from the comfort of cafes.

“The ones who are truly suffering probably don’t have the time, sources or patience to complain.” – @mediha_m