Schooling a Fantasy academy

I am proud to say I am included in that 0.1% of the Malay population in Malaysia who DISLIKES Zizan Raja Lawak.

Ya allah. Nak mamposlah aku tengok budak ni nyanyi. Zamani mesti sedih gila.

The boy prolly hasn’t been born yet when this song was released. Langsung takde feel rock kapak langsung. Rasa nak lempang je.

“Lagu tu berat untuk awak sebab awak ni langsung takde jiwa rock kapak! Awak tak reti doh! Awak boybandnye lagu je boleh.”

At least aku tak sezalim Roslan suruh perform belakang stage. Aku suruh carik lagu lain je.

Minah ni ayah dia paksa nyanyi. Bapak aku paksa aku gi sekolah!

Okaylah. Yang ini aku kasi chance. Skirt dia indah betul bergemerlapan.

Ah sudah! Your downfall is your trying-too-hard last 1 minute on stage. WHY??!!!!!!

Zizan, the real flat top hair cut is the one Edry is doning – not what you have on your head tu.

What is this final song they are singing. Are you killing me???!!!!!!

My first 30minutes into this AF season resulted to 1. Oh. Takde change pun. 2. Seriously?! 3. Anyone want me to do weekly live commentary?

Fiesta lompat atas pentas. Where is that respect and dedication to impress your choreographer?

Hello 3rd Decade PMS.

First period as a 31 year old. All these joyous moments should be celebrated – at home.

Haven’t properly eaten. Not in the mood to eat. Bad vibe please go away. Will hope at least ada insan yang boleh sejukkan hati. Kakak tol.

Abang tol made my day today. Dia tanya “Lama tak nampak?” I replied and asked him the same thing. He recycled my answer. Haha.

Sometimes I don’t suka hati choose to be sick. 😦

We’ll see what’ll happen. I can’t force myself to run a freaking 21km marathon carrying a period pain. Even a healthy person doesn’t.

Trust me, I’m already bumped and disappointed with myself for not being able to do this.


It’s nice to be greeted by someone famous first. Today Wan Zaleha Radzi greeted me first – saying she saw me at an event. #Win

A sweet surprise from my #IkalMayang team. Love you guys, Ida Nerina, Su May, Malik, Junad, Amanda & Zoey!



Birthday dinner date tonight with Serena Chong … blessed with gorgeous souls who are in fact gorgeous in real life as well.


Smart-ass political critis/analysts who sits in their posh apartments drinking gourmet coffee complaining the govt depriving people’s rights.

Gone were the days when political critics/analysts are the true heroes championing people’s rights using their knowledge and expertise.

Almost like writers who writes about people’s life from their self-made dungeons having to meet no one in their entire lives.

What’s sad is that ‘we’ (excluding me) thinks that these smart-ass political critics/analysts are so pandai so ‘we’ must listen to them.

Because orang yang kaya, pandai maa. Their access to information and knowledge lagi bagus sebab they go overseas study with orang putih maa.

And of course my grammar berterabur. I pelajar UiTM je.

You want to make a change – go into the system. Learn to navigate it from inside. Clean it.