15 minutes of fame… starting from now

I don’t deal with fame very well. As friendly as a person that I am, I am very well aware of the space that requires privacy. One that is very very fragile to intrusion and would react severely when it is trespassed.

Having said that, I am very open to sharing. But not so much. Just to those I would choose to share themselves with me.

In that sense, I’m picky. I am very very selective of my circle and audience.

Then again, I am known for my very short attention span. If you don’t interest or intrigue me, I won’t be able to remember you.

Fame, is a tricky business. You need a lot to deal with the attention that is thrown your way, and you must be able to attend to it because that’s all that you’ve ever wanted.

Fame, however is also a song. Sang by Irene Cara. For the movie/TV series titled “Fame” as well. In which she sang,

“I see it coming together,

People will see me and cry.” 

That’s just crazy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is FAME.

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