“I rather go to the bus stop than go to the cinema.” – Vivienne Westwood

512819485_a5149bc827_o12:40 AM

@HanisZalikha: Tired but playing the what ifs on my mind.
Me: Hit the STOP button. πŸ™‚
@HanisZalikha: Cari butang
Me: Tekan. Tekan. Kalau tekan laju-laju dia macam ‘What if’

10:23 AM

Me: @mysararamlan @FYRALARRA Salaam. Please check email and revert a.s.a.p.
@FYRALARRA: abby, line are not so good. Erm 11am we gonna have meeting,then fyra update ya πŸ˜‰
10:34 AM

Me: Waiting in a meeting, no sleep last night, no food this morning..…. Thou shalt not cross me for my wrath will filleth the earth, wind, fire.
@melorhidayah: good morning my VOR. sending love to you.

5:09 PM

Me: Duration = durasi. Audience = audiens. Why are these people talking BETTER Malay than me? I thought it was ‘tempoh’ and ‘penonton’?
@rejaie: budak-budak nauades?
Me: Budak-budak zaman sekarang….

5:11 PM

@tiarajacquelina: Wish i was at the office and not at the hospital πŸ˜₯ RT @chedd @tiarajacquelina u r missing the fun at Enfiniti’s … http://tmi.me/Y0Har
Me: At the hospital? Get well soon, Mam. πŸ™‚
@tiarajacquelina: Thanks abby πŸ™‚
5:18 PM

@e11yne: This is what happens to men with medals! πŸ˜‰ @YayasanInovasi @ngaiyuen @ninidaing @huehying @abbylatif pic.twitter.com/h2PMgdBEeF
Me: Eyh, macam mana you pulak dapat gambar tu?
@e11yne: Hehe, my superpower remains my secret πŸ˜‰ Muahahhahahaha!!

5:55 PM

@LeyshaSenyum: I feel the need to go home but I am at home. Maybe it’s just my lack of sleep messing with my emotions.
Me: #homeception
@LeyshaSenyum: Hahah! That would be my bed.

7:43 PM

@__fozz: ok thanks for the balloons babes
Me: Shit. Did I blew a surprise. #dies
@__fozz: report la kat rish.

7:45 PM
@khairolin: Really, really want to watch @Ikal_Mayang #tellingwomenstories films. But how?
@kay_nie: me too! How can we watch the stories? @Ikal_Mayang
@khairolin: #tellingwomenstories abt how @kay_nie and i want to watch @Ikal_Mayang films #sobad but we r not uni kids. Work / Homeworked moms. Pls.
@kay_nie: beb, apa kena mengena uni kids ni? They screen at uni ke?
@khairolin: yup. If uni, they can request for it to be screened. @ngaiyuen spoke at a conf i attended, lg rasa nak watch. Tu yg tweet..
@ngaiyuen: request kat @abbylatif? πŸ™‚ we screen at work spaces too! #tellingwomenstories @Ikal_Mayang
Me: Yes please, email me? abby@garangpictures.com
@khairolin: yeay! Will def do. Tq @ngaiyuen. Will update u @kay_nie. @Ikal_Mayang
@kay_nie: thanks all. Klynn,tlg arrange, moga i dpt tumpang sekaki. Looking fwd to watching the stories

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