“What is the sense of journalism if it doesn’t benefit society? My kind of journalism is the product of my society.” – Anas Aremeyaw

297902316_8d73d38700_o11:56 AM

Catching up on emails with TED talks happening in my extended screen. Anas Aremeyaw seems to be a very interesting journalist.

12:37 PM

@elainedaly: Replacing milk entirely with soy. Let’s see what happens.
Me: Does that work if you are used to drinking coffee with milk? Coffee with soy?
@elainedaly: yes trying now. Not bad. Quite yummy too!
Me: Interesting. Makes me miss Jenny Hong’s soy bean. 🙂
@elainedaly: haha ada saja you ni. JH tu siapa?
Me: Jenny Hong!!!!! Makcik van soya kat Taman TTDI!!!!! Gila ketagih okay! After run can finish one bottle at one go.

2:04 PM

@Megat_Sharizal: How can an acedemic be so uneducated?!
Me: Too much textbook, lack experience and reality. 🙂

7:31 PM

Go to Calendar -> Add Event -> Date: 22 June 2013 -> Time: 5.30-7.30 PM -> Venue: Paradiso, Publika -> Subject: #Seronok2point0 at #word

9:45 PM

Me: It’s amazing how some people can brand themselves effortlessly, and some just appear to try too hard. Persona, does not belong to everyone.
@crazeemunky: macam ni? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Urpawmr44M … huhuhuhuhu #trolling
Me: Dude, that’s so cray cray!!!

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