“You have to go faster than the system.” – Vivienne Westwood

461223618_cbdd19284d_o10:13 AM

@juanajaafar: “Yes, I am a tomboy,” Charice said Sunday, when asked if she was gay. (AFP) I was x aware tht being “tomboy” necessarily meant you’re gay
Me: Sad news for all the femmes now.
@juanajaafar: Why sad?
Me: Sebab they’re not considered gay if they’re not tomboy? ;-P
@juanajaafar: Ahahahaha … Hmmm …

2:01 PM

@ELMIELMO: Jeremy Little, Christina Suzanne & Jason Lo. Semua nama macam bukan Islam. Padahal tiga-tiga orang Islam.
Me: Kenapa ya? I mean is it a serious issue for you that their names are not Islamic?
@ELMIELMO: no. I bagitau je sebab ramai tak tau dorang Islam. Mak okay je noks.
Me: Hahahaha. Sound so serious. Macam penceramah forum perdana uols.

2:29 PM

Sex crimes terrify us all. Makes us feel that we are never safe anywhere, not even in our homes.

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