Do not mistaken humility for low-self esteem

10:46 AM

“185 essays, 185 popquizes, 185 final exams. Macam-macam tulisan. Pening dah abah tengok.” Abah on lecturing 22 year olds.

12:36 PM

Compliments don’t come by easy But I like this one. ” Good. I trust your tastes in ‘kawans'”
12:49 PM

Bumped into Afzan this morning and he said I’ve gotten thinner. Getting that a lot lately. Hurmmm…. thinner like sick-looking??

2:12 PM

@ngaiyuen: Random is the universe’s way of leaving clues…. #brainonoverdrivemode
Me: Rawak.
@ngaiyuen: u bkn tgh latihan? Hehe!
Me: tengah latihan boleh tweet. Hahahaha…
8:05 PM

Me: Mama found out she can watch movies on YouTube via her iPad. I pity Abah…… No more peace when sleeping in the same bed. Haha.
@kinkywildcat: get her a headphone
Me: That is a CRAZY idea! She’ll get tangled! Hahaha.
@kinkywildcat: LOL! Kesian Abah you..hahaha
@lainie: you should download TED app for her, and you can add bookmarks to steaming websites on her home screen if she knows what to click and get your Abah earplugs ๐Ÿ˜›
Me: My dad is already deaf (half at least). It’s the lights from the screen that’ll bother him. And Mama’s laughter. Haha @kinkywildcat
@lainie: alamak I’m so amused imagining that it’s hard to kesian your Abah also.
Me: Hahahahaha…. More things for them to banter about. ;-P
8:12 PM

Me: #scarymoment Mama was quite browsing her iPad. Suddenly she giggled, looked up and said, “Mama share gambar adik kat wall Mama.”
@kinkywildcat: Hahahahahah! Parents with gadgets ni bahaya siot
Me: #truedat
8:34 PM

Whoever is doing the male voice over in TV3 surely sounds like he just stepped out of the Qur’an recital. Ain, nun mati, dengung semua cukup
10:24 PM

Me: Just watched #PintuHarmonika .. Really like “Piano” directed by Sigi Wimala. First saw her in “Tentang Dia”… Nicely done, @sigiwimala ๐Ÿ™‚
@sigiwimala: thx abby.
Me: Pleasure was all mine.
10:40 PM

Got back my ground. Re-launching – …. ๐Ÿ™‚


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