Do not mistaken humility for low-self esteem

10:46 AM

“185 essays, 185 popquizes, 185 final exams. Macam-macam tulisan. Pening dah abah tengok.” Abah on lecturing 22 year olds.

12:36 PM

Compliments don’t come by easy But I like this one. ” Good. I trust your tastes in ‘kawans'”
12:49 PM

Bumped into Afzan this morning and he said I’ve gotten thinner. Getting that a lot lately. Hurmmm…. thinner like sick-looking??

2:12 PM

@ngaiyuen: Random is the universe’s way of leaving clues…. #brainonoverdrivemode
Me: Rawak.
@ngaiyuen: u bkn tgh latihan? Hehe!
Me: tengah latihan boleh tweet. Hahahaha…
8:05 PM

Me: Mama found out she can watch movies on YouTube via her iPad. I pity Abah…… No more peace when sleeping in the same bed. Haha.
@kinkywildcat: get her a headphone
Me: That is a CRAZY idea! She’ll get tangled! Hahaha.
@kinkywildcat: LOL! Kesian Abah you..hahaha
@lainie: you should download TED app for her, and you can add bookmarks to steaming websites on her home screen if she knows what to click and get your Abah earplugs 😛
Me: My dad is already deaf (half at least). It’s the lights from the screen that’ll bother him. And Mama’s laughter. Haha @kinkywildcat
@lainie: alamak I’m so amused imagining that it’s hard to kesian your Abah also.
Me: Hahahahaha…. More things for them to banter about. ;-P
8:12 PM

Me: #scarymoment Mama was quite browsing her iPad. Suddenly she giggled, looked up and said, “Mama share gambar adik kat wall Mama.”
@kinkywildcat: Hahahahahah! Parents with gadgets ni bahaya siot
Me: #truedat
8:34 PM

Whoever is doing the male voice over in TV3 surely sounds like he just stepped out of the Qur’an recital. Ain, nun mati, dengung semua cukup
10:24 PM

Me: Just watched #PintuHarmonika .. Really like “Piano” directed by Sigi Wimala. First saw her in “Tentang Dia”… Nicely done, @sigiwimala 🙂
@sigiwimala: thx abby.
Me: Pleasure was all mine.
10:40 PM

Got back my ground. Re-launching – …. 🙂


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