Behold the Beholders

5170658649_b9637e4054_o“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

This saying was first introduced in the 3rd century BC in Greek. Imagine the beauty of Greek gods and goddesses. Supreme and divine in their aesthetics and judgments.

Well, I’m referring to the Fashion scene in Malaysia. Supreme and divine in its aesthetics and judgments.

If there’s something that I’m learning being in the Entertainment industry is that you’re only as worthy as who you know and what you can give to a relationship. And no, HUGS nor LOVE be any part of this currency. Unless your name comes with a Dato’, Datin, Tengku, Tunku, or a million dollar inheritance.

Superficiality is as genuine as your Prada. And honesty is only as courteous as your Louis Vuitton boutique assistant. I dare not call it a shop. Blasphemous!

Then, there’s the hippie range. The new and upcoming Fashion outlets which caters to the masses. And when I say “masses”, I actually was referring to the hipsters. Because we all know that the hipsters have the most quirky fashion sense. Of course those skinny jeans are easy to put on and take off.

I, too, belong in every of the stereotypes mentioned above (wait, what stereotypes? ;-P ). But then again, what I see beautiful, might not be beautiful to you. I be the holder of my sight as you be yours. Although I trust your colour blocking works brilliantly as long as you can match those yellow Balmain jackets with green cashmere scarf, a purple Birkin bag and red Prada shoes.


3915537153_49ca308140_oThe only reason why I chose that as the post title is only because of the irony. We live life unconditionally. We love unconditionally. Carefree, without a condition. This concept is not widely accepted by the masses. The masses need borders, limitations, guidelines. Thus why we have religions, territories, governments, to put condition on how we should live our lives.

The past few months have been a learning experience. Ups and downs and mostly idleness. But I have been blessed to meet too many wonderful people that have been thrown to my path so I can learn from them.

I try hard in life to live and do the things I feel right, the things I feel that I’m destined to do, even the smallest things. A couple of weeks back, I was walking to my car from the office. A dodgy looking off duty security guard approached me.

“Kak, saya bukan orang jahat. Akak ada dua ringgit tak? Saya lapar. Bos saya takde.”
(Sis, I’m not a bad person. Do you have a couple of bucks? I’m hungry. My boss is not around)

I shook my head and walked off looking scared. A few steps down the road, I felt really bad. I took out my wallet. There’s 7 ringgit in it. I turned around.

“Dik, dik! Nah!”
(Hey! Take this)

Handed him 5 ringgit.

“Banyak ni kak. Saya nak dua ringgit je.”
(This is too much. I just need 2 ringgit)

“Takpe la. Ambik je. Rezeki.”
(It’s okay. Take it. A blessing)

“Terima kasih kak.”
(Thank you)

It’s not about making me feel better. I just hope he’ll pay the kindness forward. I know a lot of people who have bought me lunch and food when I could only worry about the few bucks I have in my wallet to survive another day.

Kindness is unconditional. Learning is unconditional. Where do you put boundaries and limitations to all these?

Tomorrow is another day. Will I procrastinate, will I be productive? I just hope the smallest thing that I’ll do will be the god of something bigger in the future. For now, I’ll leave you magicians with this,

A true magician takes fate and failure as magical as his successful magic tricks.