Simply Red is making me remember the first time we made love

297186196_ee7e2a9c77_o3:43 PM

Me: Lantak la.
@soefira: melantak
Me: pelantak.
@soefira: terhantak
Me: berantak.
@soefira: berontak
Me: serentak.
@soefira: serendipity
Me: stupidity.
@soefira: annuity
Me: continuity.
@soefira: contiguous
@FizzzBox: annul
Me: annal
@soefira: annals of history
@FizzzBox: anal
@FizzzBox: anus
@soefira: analytically banal
Me: canal.
@soefira: cannelloni
@FizzzBox: fettucine
@FizzzBox: flatulence
@FizzzBox: hungry
@soefira: sleepy *yawnnn*
@FizzzBox: cuddly
@soefira: oh jeez. I really did fall asleep tadi!
Me: jeez whizz

3:59 PM

I’m driving. Supposedly.

4:45 PM

Me: Can see @jredza ‘s place from where I’m standing. 🙂
@jredza: where u standing. Sorry haven’t been on twitter. Just back on now!

4:45 PM

@FizzzBox: where dat?
Me: Merdekarya. Jalan 5/57 Petaling jaya from jalan gasing.
@FizzzBox: thanks
Me: Haha. Are you planning to come?
@FizzzBox: yr just abt to start – its near La Salle School?
Me: depan sikit. The turning before the roundabout.

6:39 PM

@elainedaly: What’s up with all the super jiwang songs on the radio…
Me: They berjangkit from you. You jangan jiwang ok. So not Capri.
@elainedaly: I’m a selective jiwanger. Haha
Me: Acheche…

9:29 PM

@Voltairess: Sorry if this sounds immature, but I still can’t accept this fact. So gross.
Me: an incestuous scene.
@Voltairess: friendcestous

9:47 PM

Windows down and a drive home.

9:48 PM

Me: Read 2 poems and an encore poem by demand. Superstar not. Sebab first 2 poems tak berapa menyerlah je.
@ElphabaThropp7: trust that you are great, dear one 🙂
Me: Thanks, but I’m not great. If it is so, I won’t grow. 🙂
@cuddlyfamily: you write lovely poems, you. And you read them with love. I suka, even if I couldnt make it today. #sokongselalu
Me: Awww *hugs*
@cuddlyfamily: huugggssss
@ElphabaThropp7: there’s always the opportunity to grow into awesome, awesomer, awesometastic, and so on 🙂
Me: Thanks you. 🙂

10:17 PM

@carmensoo: Eeee!!! #deadmine showing tonite on #hbo 10.30pm do tune in!!
@elainedaly: tune in folks!!
Me: Can’t wait!

10:22 PM

@sifakap: Baling durian tak boleh ke untuk chap goh meh?
Me: Balik nangka.
@sifakap: Nangka? Peh. Kuatnya kudrat. Tu nak tulis karangan ke, address rumah kat nangka tu?

10:23 PM

Me: Kepada sesiapa yang nak baling oren esok, saya syorkan untuk balik nangka. Sebab itu je yang akan memercikkan air dan menemukan jodoh. *baling la, bukan balik. Balik pun boleh. Balut lagi bagus. Balut nangka.
@idaghazali: sekarang baru u ckp??! Mana nak cari bapak punye nangka nak baling?? Mana???
Me: Minta kat bapak la. DUH.
@idaghazali: weyy apa punya jwpn nih? Sungguh tak membantu. I campak pokok nangka & for extra hope, pokok cempedak sekali. Lol
Me: Kalau you campak dengan tanah-tanah sekali, dia akan membuahkan hasil. Kaching!

10:26 PM

Me: Dalam nangka ada beribu-ribu lemon. Dalam lemon ada beribu-ribu biji benih. Dalam benih ada bibit-bibit cinta.
@sifakap: Falsafah, falsafah, tsk, tsk.

10:32 PM

Can’t wait for #Deadmine on HBO.

10:43 PM

Me: Today I read a hate poem. Just so you know. It ended with, “they rather be with handsome cheaters, than ugly devoted lovers.”
@kruel74: Deep!

10:44 PM

Tonight I also learn a new term, “hetero-phobic”. Heh.

10:45 PM

Terracota in Sulawesi, Indonesia….. Hurm………….

10:47 PM

@soefira: Came home. Found cat reading my book! Proof:
Me: You sure she’s reading? Or she does what I do, sleep with books. Don’t read them.
@soefira: defo read them. I saw her writing down notes. In cat language

11:44 PM

Me: Ooooo, Carmen Soo orang jahat rupanya. #deadmine
@kimberlaaleeloo: why? Nak kepoh
Me: Cerita #deadmine kat hBo tadi.
@kimberlaaleeloo: alar chey! Heheh xoxo

11:46 PM
Me: Dah mati.
@elainedaly: haha yang u bagi narration ni pahal? Laa.
Me: Eyh. Betul la. Tapi I tak bagi spoiler
@elainedaly: jgn bagi spoiler aku cukup.
Me: Ahah! Tungguuuu

11:48 PM

Ahahahhaha, seberat-berat besi baju terracota ittew, masih boleh berenang.

11:48 PM

Kesimpulannya. Semua mati.

11:49 PM

APA?! Tu je? Aku mati-mati ingatkan siri.

Are We Just Dandy?

321789440_3c446d7585_oFirst of all, I’d like to apologise to my dear friend, Raja Malek for indirectly ‘mencuri’ ideanya for the title. Dandy. 🙂

dan·dy  /ˈdandē/

A man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.
Excellent: “upgrading seemed a dandy idea”.
noun. dude – fop – beau – jack-a-dandy – coxcomb
adjective. swell – fine – dapper – foppish

Dandy is one of those words that should not be translated, because we would not find an equivalent to it in our language.

How this word came about in our conversation, was when we were talking about masculinity and femininity. My friend Jiman asked me, in a scale of 1-10, how butch am I? I told him, I’m a 6, but I really enjoy wearing women clothes as well. And we talked about how empowering being able to cross dress. I for one, is 1/2 of a Drag King duo, and once in a party held in Port Dickson, we performed Diana Ross’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. There I was, on stage, a girl trying to dress like a boy trying to put on a women’s dress. The power of sexuality and sensuality overwhelmed me when I took that role. I was bold and brave enough to perform, touch myself and stride in such pride on stage.

And even so, in some occasions, I do enjoy the sexiness of wearing a kebaya or a dress. Despite my sexuality, I decided to trespass the labels and just be dandy. I don’t think the term reserved for men, as in today’s world, it all comes down to masculinity despite gender.

We live in a very androgynous unisex world. Our gender should not be determined by the clothes we wear.

Once, in Zouk KL, I was asked to pay for a men’s cover charge. Me and my friends didn’t realised it until we looked at the receipt (just to note, some people had a few glasses of wine before that).  The very butch girl who charged me as such probably thought she was doing me a favour. I could easily be offended but being me, I find it amusing (after paying 20 ringgit more than my friends).

Fact is, I’m tired of being classified by what I wear. There are days I don’t bother wearing nice clothes, there are days I like being girlie, and there are days when men’s clothes brings more comfort to me.

We should be free to wear whatever we want, as long as we don’t torture people’s eyes with it.

That’s my two cents. For now. And don’t go through JCrew’s New York Fashion Week’s line. I want everything they have right now, men ‘s & women’s.