Bye bye Hiatus?

4560692119_ab2d0088f0_oWow, wordpress changed its features. I haven’t been blogging since June, I guess. That’s like 3 months ago, no? I’m bad with Maths, you see.

Last night I had the weirdest dream. It was so weird that I actually partially woke up still spewing words of discontent then I started sobbing.

I vaguely remember the dream. As much as I remembered was just it was a club, we were playing pool, the girls were dressed in shorts and singlets. And suddenly I was out of the picture, prolly went to the toilet cos I do have a pregnant lady’s bladder, and came back to a raided table. So a few girls were standing facing some panel of policewomen jury. I am not kidding you, they were sitting on a higher table, all about four or five of them facing the girls who were standing. They were lecturing the girls’ outfits, saying its unethical and improper. Me being me of course, instead of running away, I joined the guilty standing ladies.

And suddenly, a few girls were told they can leave, leaving about four or five of us. The next thing we know, we were fined RM50. That was the moment I got outraged. I started voicing out my thoughts politely. I said how unfair it was that some girls were let go easily. If what we did was wrong, fine all of us. I told them my mother works with the police, and I grew up abiding the law, and what they are doing is totally ridiculous.

And like in most of my arguments, I started crying. That’s real, you know. I don’t do confrontations because of that. I start crying when I confront anyone, so I avoid confrontation by any means. Once, I confronted my roomate when I was 15 and as I was stating my points, I started pouring waterfall like a weak sappy baby.

Anyways, yes. Suddenly I was waking up while still talking, and when I stopped, I realised I was fully awake and sobbing. It was 6.30am.

It was a very weird dream.

But at least she wasn’t a part of it, this time.

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