12 months.

5642298716_3dd6fa67cc_oJune is ending and I should stick to the one-post-a-month rule I had for myself.

I just finished my second half marathon for this year. What seems to be a vain intent, has become a constant test of self-endurance.

It’s amazing how everything evolves. The rule of thumb for evolution, everything evolves. Your niat, your usaha, your keupayaan. Everything.

It has been a year. I don’t know what the benchmark is, but it has been a year. The reason will soon reveal itself slowly, like a mystery unwrapping itself. And serendipitous, we would be caught off-guard to its revelation.

I have lost the ability to yak and yak in words within a blogpost. I have lost and gain a lot of abilities, to be honest. But as everything evolves, everything also dies. As we move on to a new day, the past dies slowly on us. As we get closer to the end of our lives, we seem to have lost the ability to look back and wonder where we came from.

I have talked a lot within this one year. All talk and words, but no action. I have thrown a few calls for action, but I have yet to act upon them. Because I didn’t want to act without consent. Because that’s what we often do. We act without consent. Even though there are times we didn’t even need consent to begin with.

Silence kills us. Slowly but surely. Silence leads to assumptions that leads to fuck-ups.

But we will remain mum. Until the next time we’re able to tell each other how we feel.