Earth Hour

This entry has nothing to do with the title, to be honest. Or maybe it does.

Today for the first time I’m blogging from my new iPad2. Not that I ever had an iPad1 or and iPad before. But yeah, I just purchased another gadget that probably was manufactured using some elements of rare earth wastage or whatever, you know. The way I’m saying it might have made me look like a total ignorant but I’m still an eco-practitioner.

And the need to blog today is probably because I have to, since it seems like I blog once a month now and today is the last day of March.

Typing on the iPad is really cool and I’m liking it very much, actually.

So yeah, that’s it. A lot have been happening in my life, but to blog it would be an insult to my Twitter account since all of the details (I really mean DETAILS) are there. You can probably know my life to the point of when I bath and took a dump, and shit like that (literally and pun intended)

Be good now. Let April jokes its way into the Dragon Year.

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