I can feel my soul is weeping. It weeps and weeps and cries softly from pain of nothingness. I don’t know if this should be written as a verse, a poem, or anything. But I need to write it down.

I’m at lost. I can feel the hollowness of my own heart, in the absence of my soul. I find no warmth, no life, nothing.

And I don’t know what’s the cause of it.

As smart as I am, I feel like an idiot.

As realist as I am, I feel like a nightmare.

And what I feel around me is static wind.

Tonight, I’m trembling, from fear of losing.

I don’t know what I have lost, or about to lose.

Nothing is here. Nothing is there. Nothing is anywhere, or maybe everywhere.

*My laptop died after I wrote those things. The screen went blank. Nothing. Manifested.