When Somewhere is Nowhere.

If my coming here were my will, I would not have come.
Also, if my departure were my will, how should I go?
Nothing could be better in this ruined lodging,
Than not to have come, not to be, not to go.

– Omar Khayyam


It’s hard settling down when you grew up as a nomad. The constant need to go somewhere but where to?


Everything, every place, have a shelf life. We would be told when we move in, we’ll just be here for a year or two. It became part of us.


It’s been 5 years since we’ve settled down in Selayang for good. It’s been 11 years since we’ve moved back to KL.


I do miss it. The constant moving, packing, unpacking, new house, new school, new friends, new environment. Every 3 years since I was born.


And for all that 7 schools, Abah was always there on our first day in school. Like Jay of Modern Family said, “Tips for being a good father? Always be there.”


And for all those sick days I ponteng in all those schools, Mama is always there, sometimes with my favourite Ribena. Always be there.


Guess, I’m just thinking out loud. As much as we are who we are, we need to be there for those who were there. Our parents, especially.


Love goes beyond compromising who you are. Because when you love someone, you just want and need them to be there for you.


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