Fun Facts about Libra

(Sources from @ZodiacFacts)

Libra would rather cooperate than compete and will compromise, (even when in the right) in order to avoid an argument.

Although Libras are extremely intelligent, their much-heralded intellect is sometimes wasted on 100 ways to say “On the other hand”.

Sharing turns a Libra on, and tactless or uncouth behavior is a turn-off.

Foreplay for a Libra can be mental — they love to communicate with you about the relationship.

Libras always play innocent when they are challenged, and can generally charm the birds out of the trees to win your favor.

As friends Gemini and Libra are almost identical to each other in many respects. Both have same intellectual skills.

As friends a power struggle is bound to break out between a Libra and Capricorn. That being said, you’re good leaders in different areas.

Libra Play date: A Fancy Restaurant.

As a Libra, the Zodiac Sign most helpful for emotional support: Capricorn.

As a Libra, when you are in love, you are genuinely in love. The partner has all your warmth, care and affection.

Libras make perfect friends because they’re so open, outgoing and obliging.

Expect any woo to be very direct. It is easy to know what is on your Libras’ mind, as when they adore something they show it openly.

As a Libra, Earth signs tend to lack your natural social graces and you are keen to help educate them.

As a Libra, you’ve never given yourself much credit for being gifted. Stop selling yourself short.

Libras are friendly-witty-balanced one time and stubborn-irritating and unbalanced the other time.

Libras can make you crazy when it comes to making a decision and then they will question Your thinking.

Libras simply needs to be told to take a “time-out” or to “walk it off.”  These gentle souls don’t really like to argue that much.

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