You know what doesn’t kill you? Adversity.

Tipsy galore:

Closed the car door and left the keys inside. Took the keys, closed the car door, dropped the house keys. Blwrgh.
Went inside the room, switched on the fan instead of the lights. Undressed in the dark. Blwgh. Parents are awake. Well, a parent is. Pretend dead in room. Colonel is awake. Must pretend dead. Dear pee, hold on for a bit, will ya. Ttttttttiiiiiiiippoopopopopopoopoppo. Woke up in the middle of the night dehydrated. And dreamed I was indigenous. Sekian. Okay. 4.20am is not the middle of the night.

Hangover-ish. Breakfast date at 10-ish. Ish ish ish.

This is ridiculous. Kata dah bank in Tuesday 8pm, but why Thursday 9am tak float lagi? Mesti client sudah tipu saya. Tak baik tipu rezeki.

Lauryn Hill punya lyrics “A Muslim sleeping with a gin” is altered on radio airplay??!

Samseng ye kau WAY 2879. Sial ye kau on the road?! Bawak kereta macam pelesit!

Seriously, Maybank is starting to annoy me. I need to line up at my opening branch just to know the status of my cheque. And then, Maybank can’t check my account if I don’t register phone banking at the fucking ATM? Never had this problem with CIMB. They did all the checking just from my AC number via the phone. Sorry Maybank for throwing tweetfit like that. But I still think the going to the ATM to activate everything is a BIG FUSS.

Mood Swings only mean one thing. Better talk to God while I can. Tweetfits and bitchfits will only annoy people here.

When I don’t ask for help because my burden is my own responsibility, why are people calling it ego? Is it my selfish ego that I don’t want to burden people with my own problems?

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